Dr. Asifa Quraishi


Dr. Asifa Quraishi
Board of Directors

Asifa Quraishi is an Assistant Professor of Law at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she teaches courses in Islamic law and U.S. Constitutional Law. She holds a doctorate from Harvard Law School (SJD 2006) and other degrees from Columbia Law School (LLM 1998), University of California Davis (J.D. 1992) and University of California Berkeley (BA 1988). She has served as law clerk in United States federal courts (for Judge Edward Dean Price, U.S. District Court for Eastern District of California in 1993, and as the death penalty law clerk for the Court of Appeals from 1994-1997).

Asifa Quraishi’s recent publications include: Interpreting the Quran and the Constitution: Similarities in the Use of Text, Tradition and Reason in Islamic and American Jurisprudence (28 Cardozo L. Rev. 67 (2006)), No Altars: a Survey of Islamic Family Law in the United States (with co-author Najeeba Syeed-Miller)in Women’s Rights and Islamic Family Law (edited by Lynn Welchman, Zed Books 2004), and Her Honor: An Islamic Critique of the Rape Laws of Pakistan from a Woman-Sensitive Perspective (18 Mich. J. Int’l L. 287 (1997)). Currently, she is working on a socio-legal critique of the methodology dominant in western feminist advocacy for Muslim women.Among her professional legal consultations, she has drafteda clemency appeal brief in the case of Bariya Ibrahim Magazu, who was sentenced to flogging for fornication in Zamfara, Nigeria.

Asifa Quraishi is a founding member of the National Association of Muslim Lawyers (NAML), its sister organization Muslim Advocates, and American Muslims Intent on Learning and Activism (AMILA). She is also an associate of the Muslim Womens League, and has served as president and board member of Karamah: Muslim Women for Lawyers for Human Rights.

A mother of two small children, Zakariya and Maryemme, Asifa Quraishi also tries to follow theater and the arts, inspired by the work of her husband, actor Kamal Marayati.